Chermside Man Wins $1 Million After Playing Same Gold Lotto Numbers for 20 Years

Gold Lotto
Photo Credit: The Lott Media Centre

A fortunate Chermside resident bought a Gold Lotto ticket at NewsExtra Chermside and woke up an instant millionaire following the draw on Monday, 14 Sept 2020. 

The man said that he’s still recovering from a sleepless night because he could not believe his luck, he told The Lott

“My wife and I saw we had won at about nine o’clock last night and we didn’t get much sleep after that,” the winner said.

The Chermside local is the lone winner from Brisbane of the $1 million prize money of Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto draw. He said he’s been playing the same numbers for the last 20 years so this win has been unexpected.

His winning numbers were 31, 16, 23, 43, 1 and 24, with 18 and 36 as supplementary numbers.

“I can’t believe they’ve finally come up,” the man said. “It’s incredible. Honestly, I never thought this would happen, you hope, and you pray, but you never think you will actually win the lottery!”

The lucky Brisbane player will use his million-dollar prize for a trip to Easter Island if travel restrictions are eased off. 

Photo Credit: Peter Miller/Google Maps

NewsExtra Chermside’s Shannon Hickey congratulated the winner, who becomes the 86th millionaire of the Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto across Australia.

“We have sold plenty of division one prizes across our stores, and it’s always so exciting,” the store manager said.