Westfield Chermside Most Difficult Place to Park in Brisbane: Survey

Westfield Chermside
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Westfield Chermside has been deemed the most difficult place to park in Brisbane in a new survey conducted among Australian users from the popular parking marketplace app, Parkhound.

The shopping centre on Gympie road has over 7,200 spots but Parkhound users said they experience a lot of their parking pet peeves on this site. The users also named Bondi Junction in Sydney and Woolworths Marden in Adelaide as the top places in Australia where parking is challenging.

About 58 percent of Parkhound users said that parallel parking is their biggest pet peeve followed by reverse parking with 21 percent. Some 12 percent of the users said that they do not like front-to-curb perpendicular parking, whilst eight percent said that they hated angled parking the most.  

Photo Credit: Ashley Hughest/Google Maps

Parkhound users also said that they dread hitting cars when they try to parallel park. Surprisingly, some of the respondents said that would much prefer “getting swooped by a magpie” than reverse park on a tight space. There are users who also said they strongly dislike cars that take up two parking spaces or drivers who swoop in and steal the space they’ve been eyeing on. 

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Meanwhile, one in 10 survey respondents said that they actually love cruising parking spaces for a spot regardless if it’s time-consuming. However, 72 percent said they don’t enjoy looking for a parking space at all. 

In mid-2020, Westfield Chermside changed its parking policy and cut the free parking hours for customers who do not use the store’s new phone app. Scentre Group, which manages all Westfield shopping centres said that they had to make the changes in response to the risks posed by COVID-19 and to ensure customers can park easily and quickly when they visit the stores. 

To know more about how to avail of four hours of free parking on Westfield Chermside, visit their official site.