Chermside Dietitian from Jacaranda Place Honoured with Super Hero Awards

A Chermside dietitian who works at Jacaranda Place has been honoured with the Super Hero Awards for her work, supporting young people needing guidance and structure due to complex mental health issues.

Children’s Health Queensland senior dietitian Ashleigh Hamilton was nominated by a 17-year-old Lily as she provided the teenager with endless support during Lily’s 10-month stay at the facility. 

With Ashleigh’s help, Lily has gained the right tools and the confidence to face the real world upon completion of her stay at Jacaranda Place. From the beginning, Ashleigh was able to establish trust with Lily as they tackled and worked through her needs. 

“The trust between them meant Lily felt she could tell Ashleigh anything and she would really listen and understand. This is what helped Lily reach her goals,” Amy, Lily’s aunt, said.

“Ashleigh gave her the tools. That’s why she was nominated. She just went above and beyond.”

Jacaranda Place opened in May as an “Australian-first centre” that gives young people a safe place to focus on their overall health. Lily worked with Ashleigh because her goal was to increase her diet choices. The Chermside dietician devised a way to introduce new types of food to Lily.

While Jacaranda Place is a new facility, Ashleigh has worked in the health and wellness industry for five years. She loves her job because she sees the positive outcomes. 

“In this kind of setting, we’re helping the young people so early in their journey. The goal is to prevent long-term chronic mental health issues. It’s nice to be able to see the change happening early on,” Ashleigh said. 

Jacaranda Place accepts referrals for their youth program (ages 13 to 18) from the Queensland mental health facility or a private psychiatrist, whilst there is also a day program for teens who are attending school but may require more intensive mental health intervention.