Start the Day Right and Join the Westfield Chermside Walking Group

Westfield Chermside Walking Group
Photo Credit: CrFionaHammond/Facebook

Did you know that there is a walking group that gets their daily cardio in by walking around inside Westfield Chermside before the shops open in the morning?

The Westfield Chermside Walking Group has been around for over two years and it’s mostly composed of 60 to 80-year-old individuals who enjoy physical exercise. However, the walking group is open to anyone who would like to be up and about before 7:30 in the morning to meet up twice a week.  

“People come from all over the northside to enjoy both the physical and social aspects of group walking. The group walks inside the centre before most shops are open so parking is a breeze.”

This is part of the National Heart Foundation of Australia initiative that promotes walking as a “wonder drug.” A 30-minute walk every day may help lower a person’s risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, regardless of their age.

Photo Credit: Dr Anthony Lynham/Facebook

Walking regularly also improves body circulation and prevents the weakening of the bones that could lead to the development of arthritis, a common problem with aging. This easy exercise releases endorphins that help modulate one’s mood so people get a clearer head and feel a lot better mentally after a walk. 

Starting the day with a good walk can be a significant factor that impacts how the rest of the day will go. When done as a group walk, this activity may also be an opportunity to connect, socialise, and forge lifelong friendships.