Five-Year Prison Sentence for Chermside Lego Store Manager Following Theft and Arson

Chermside Lego Store Manager
Photo Credit: Michael Zi/Google Maps

The former store manager of a Lego store in Chermside has been sentenced to five years in prison for stealing $60,000 in cash and merchandise, and causing $70,000 in fire damage to conceal the theft.

In 2020, the store manager of a Westfield Chermside Lego outlet misappropriated 40 boxes of Lego and nearly $60,000 from the store to support a gambling addiction. The theft led to an elaborate cover-up attempt, where the manager set fire to the shopping centre’s stockroom, significantly damaging stock from Lego and neighbouring stores, Specsavers and Macpac.

Upon discovering the theft and subsequent arson, an investigation quickly focused on the manager. The escalation of the case resulted in the manager’s attempt to evade consequences by committing further thefts in Longreach while on bail. These actions led to an additional $10,000 stolen from a new employer.

Presented before the Brisbane District Court on Tuesday, 26 March 2024, the Chermside Lego store manager pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated fraud, endangering property by fire, and stealing by a clerk or servant. 

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Chermside Lego Store Manager
Photo Credit: Sergei Tokmakov/Pixabay

The court handed down a sentence of five years for aggravated fraud, with concurrent two-and-a-half-year sentences for the other charges, highlighting the premeditated nature of the crimes and the breach of trust involved.

The prosecution and defence addressed the court on the impact of the manager’s actions and her personal circumstances, including mental health issues tied to her gambling addiction. 

The Chief Judge emphasised the sentence’s role in punishment, deterrence, protection of the community, and the offender’s rehabilitation.

Published 3-April-2024