Tragic Incident in Chermside Park: Pet Dog Fatally Mauled

Chermside 7th Brigade Park
Photo Credit: Brisbane Reviewer/Google Maps

A pet dog, incapacitated and resting in a pram, was viciously dragged out and mauled to death in a deeply disturbing incident at the 7th Brigade Park in Chermside, raising serious concerns about public safety and animal control in the area.

Per reports, a pig dog, unaccompanied and unleashed, perpetrated the shocking attack. It dragged a 14-year-old arthritic Maltese named Phoenix from its pram, leading to the pet’s tragic demise despite desperate efforts to save it. 

This horrific incident unfolded amid the park’s tranquil setting, a stark contrast to the violent act that transpired.

The residents of Chermside have expressed deep distress and fear following this incident. 

With a history of similar attacks in the area, the community is increasingly worried about the safety of their children and pets. The fact that Phoenix was extracted from a pram adds a chilling dimension to the threat, highlighting the potential danger to even the most vulnerable park-goers.

Chermside 7th Brigade Park
Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt/Unsplash

In the wake of the attack, immediate measures were taken. The pig dog was restrained and subsequently seized by authorities. The local Council has been urged to intensify patrols and consider additional safety measures in the park, frequented by families and pet owners. 

Civic Cabinet Chair for City Standards, Kim Marx, has underscored the Council’s serious approach to animal attacks. Investigations are ongoing, and the incident has cast a spotlight on the broader issue of dog attacks in the region. 

With over 300 recorded attacks in Queensland in the latter half of 2023 alone, the urgency for effective solutions is needed. 

Published 19-Jan-2024