Sustainability Festival Green Heart Fair in Chermside Turns 10!

Photo Credit: Green Heart Fair/Facebook

Congratulations, Chermside! This year’s bi-annual sustainability festival, the Green Heart Fair, is now on its 10th year!

Endorsed by the Brisbane City Council and managed by CitySmart, the first Green Heart Fair for 2019 will take place on Sunday, the 2nd of June 2019, from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Families are enjoined to take part in the celebration. Head to the 7th Brigade Park to meet and mingle with eco-activists green experts, conservationists, eco-businesses and the average green thumbs and eco-enthusiasts of the community.

Discuss sustainability efforts as well as gardening tips over food and drinks provided by food trucks. Bring your kids along since they would not only to learn about how to take care of the Earth; they will also enjoy the activities, games, and performances provided by mascots and entertainers.

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Photo Credit: Green Heart Fair/Facebook
Photo Credit: Green Heart Fair/Facebook

The Green Heart Fair will also feature demonstrations and talks from eco-experts to educate and inform the public on how to reduce carbon footprint and create less impact on the environment. At least 100 stalls will be laid out comprising zones like Green Home and Cleanaway Waste.

Photo Credit: Green Heart Fair

As this is an outdoor sustainability event, participants will be asked to be mindful of the following:

  • Use reusable water bottles, coffee cups and drinking cups when purchasing drinks at the fair.
  • Walk or use a bike when going to the event.
  • Take the bus and use a go card instead of bringing a car.
  • Throw food wastes at proper bins.
  • Wear a hat.

Booking is not necessary as the Green Heart Fair is a free event. The next one for this year will be happening in September.