Upgrades to Rode Road Shopping Centre in Stafford Heights Near Completion

Rode Road Shopping Centre
Photo Credit: DA/Brisbane City Council

Enhancements and upgrades done to the Rode Road Shopping Centre are nearing completion following months of refurbishment work, promising a better dining destination and retail hub for residents of Stafford Heights, McDowall and Chermside West. 

Peter Kneipp, Site8 Director and Property Manager of the Rode Road Shopping Centre, said that the revamped site’s completed new look will be unveiled in a matter of weeks. 

Three new eateries will join Dum n Rum, Lanna House and Sushi Jun once the expanded venue opens. Among the operators that have expressed interest to open at the refurbished centre include an American ribs house, an Italian restaurant, a burger joint, an Asian dumpling eatery and a poke restaurant. 

Salty’s Grill and Kova Coffee, on the other hand, retain their location at the original building across the new dining precinct.

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Photo Credit: DA/Brisbane City Council

Mr Kneipp said that a growing number of people living near the dining hub have been looking for variety and nighttime dining options, including evening food deliveries. 

Some of these operators also have licence to serve wine and craft beer for customers looking for a nightcap. Part of the design improvements of the Rode Road Shopping Centre includes alfresco dining, which more customers have craved for in this new normal.

Meanwhile, the main building’s scale and structure have not been changed as the refurbishments have been mostly cosmetic. The general floor area of the centre, however, has increased with the extensions. 

Photo Credit: DA/Brisbane City Council