Leading Kitchen Coach Visits Chermside to Promote Food Advocacy

Photo Credit: The Kitchen Coach Facebook

At a very young age, Ashley Jubinville witnessed her mum’s passion for cooking and her dad’s zeal for growing food right in their own garden in British Columbia, Canada. With such great role models, she has developed a keen interest in healthy delicious food and a passion for garden-to-table cooking.

Credit: The Kitchen Coach Facebook

At first, she thought her passions lay in engineering. Ms Jubinville pursued engineering studies and a budding career in the field. However, she could not find fulfilment in civil engineering.

In 2009, Ms Jubinville was reminded of her blissful childhood days in her mother’s kitchen and her father’s garden whilst she was touring organic farms. At the time, she was also helping to establish the world’s first Organic Farm Share.

Recognising her real passion, she has since embraced her advocacy of helping people learn to love the kitchen and to eat right. She wishes to impart the same ardour in other families.

Credit: The Kitchen Coach Facebook

Today, she has been called the “world’s leading kitchen coach” because of this advocacy.

Local Resources

Ms Jubenville is now based in Australia and on 8th February will be at the Chermside Library as she goes on to help families find successful strategies in transitioning to healthier kitchen habits.

From 6:00 pm. to 7:30 p.m., Ms Jubenville will try to help change Australian families’ attitude about the food being cooked in their kitchens. This free event will be an opportunity for everyone to be guided towards health, happiness and a whole new world of food.

Credit: The Kitchen Coach Facebook

Ms Jubenville is aiming to change the lives of 1,000,000 families but she is not in a hurry. Every time she hosts her free coaching sessions, she wants people to answer these three pertinent questions before jumping right on the journey with her:

· Am I serious about improving my health and making a real change in my life?
· Am I committed to attending this event and putting into action what I learn?
· Am I ready to say goodbye to bad habits and work towards a healthier, happier future for me and my family?

Anyone who answers yes to all of these questions can head on out to the Chermside Library. Ms Jubenville will be happy to meet you and help you along your kitchen journey to real food and healthy eating.

Bookings are essential to reserve a slot. Please make your bookings here.