Hero Teen Recognised for Saving 6-Year-Old Child at the Chermside Aquatic Centre

Chermside Aquatic Centre

A 14-year-old student from Bray Park State High School has reunited with the 6-year-old boy he saved from drowning at the Chermside Aquatic Centre early this summer.

Kruz Greensill thought quickly and sprung into action after he noticed that the little child, Kaiden Hyde, was floating face down and appeared to be lifeless as he went under the deep end of the pool. The teenager knew something was wrong so he dove for Kaiden and brought him out of the water. 

An older man also assisted Kruz and then alerted the lifeguards, who did the CPR. Thankfully, water came out of Kaiden’s mouth so he could breathe again.

Kruz was with his family at the Chermside Aquatic Centre on the 28th of January 2023. Kaiden was with his mom and they were celebrating a friend’s birthday party.

The teenager said that he initially thought the child was playing underwater before he realized that he was in trouble. He said Kaiden felt like a dead weight when he brought him up to the ground.

Though he was able to save his life, Kruz said the experience was frightening. However, once he saw Kaiden breathing he was very relieved and happy. The boy’s mom was able to thank him before they went to the hospital. Kaiden made a full recovery.

Kruz and Kaiden have remained in contact following the accident and the younger child now regards his rescuer as his best friend. Needless to say, Kruz’s parents are very proud of him. If he wasn’t watchful and alert, the outcome would have been different for Kaiden.  

Meanwhile, the Chermside Aquatic Centre als acknowledged Kruz’s heroic act with a Certificate of Appreciation, alongside the local leaders. 

Published on 3 March 2023.