Easing Traffic in Chermside: Over 900m of Gympie Road Transitway Completed

Northern Transitway Chermside
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Over 900 metres of the Gympie Road transitway have been completed in both directions as part of efforts to alleviate congestion and enhance travel efficiency for commuters in Chermside and other areas in North Brisbane.

The Northern Transitway, stretching from Sadlier Street to Rode Road, is slated for full opening in April 2024, marking a milestone in the ongoing project’s completion. These dedicated bus lanes are designed to facilitate more efficient bus travel, thereby separating buses from general traffic and resulting in substantial travel time savings.

Whilst progress is commendable, attention is now shifting towards the remaining section of the project, from Rode Road to Hamilton Road. This segment will change to better integrate with the proposed Gympie Road Bypass project. 

Northern Transitway Chermside
Photo Credit: Translink

Anticipated to align with the release of the Gympie Road Bypass Investment proposal later this year, this shift aims to enhance the integration of the transitway with the broader transportation infrastructure, including proposed upgrades to the Chermside Bus Interchange.

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Undoubtedly, the delivery of the Northern Transitway project has not been without its challenges, with considerable cost pressures and unexpected complexities, particularly in replacing old underground stormwater drainage structures. Nonetheless, efforts to mitigate these issues are already underway, ensuring the project’s completion aligns with the broader vision of enhancing transportation networks in the region.

The impact of these developments on the community is substantial, as articulated by Member for Stafford, Jimmy Sullivan. 

“More than 9,000 people currently use buses to travel along Gympie Road between Kedron and Chermside each weekday,” Mr Sullivan said.

“By separating buses from general traffic, the Northern Transitway is reducing congestion, delivering higher frequency services, improving service reliability and bonus travel time savings during peak periods.

As the project progresses, all Gympie Road bus stops from Stafford Road to Rode Road are set to open in April, further alleviating congestion and improving traffic times along this critical corridor. With completion milestones reached in April 2023 and December 2023, the project continues to forge ahead, with the next section to Rode Road anticipated for completion in April.

For commuters seeking information and planning their journeys, resources such as the MyTranslink app, the Translink website, and customer service helpline 13 12 30 remain invaluable tools

Published 13-Feb-2024