‘Dumb Money’ Hits Chermside Cinema

Dumb Money
Photo Credit: IMDb

It’s a David vs Goliath story you couldn’t make up. But it’s true. “Dumb Money” launches on October 26 at Event Cinemas Chermside it’s fantastic.

The story hit the news headlines in 2021 when Wall Street was smashed by a group of short-sellers of the stock, Gamestop. They had joined together through the social media site, Reddit, to form a short squeeze3 that at the time felt like a seismic earthquake to the world stock markets.

Paul Dano plays a lead role as Keith Gill, one of the instigators of the Gamestop position. Pete Davidson, Vincent D’Onofrio and America Ferrera along with Seth Rogen deliver great character performances in the movie based on a book called “The Antisocial Network” by Ben Mezrich. (Mezrich also wrote the book that was adapted into the movie “The Social Network”)

The story focuses on a few of the Reddit protagonists and how their lives were impacted by the adventure that unfolded, with some good comedic elements.

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Superbly directed by Craig Gillespie, “Dumb Money” gets an 83% review from the movie website Rotten Tomatoes.