Chermside Transformation: A Vision for the Future

Chermside Transformation: A Vision for the Future

Chermside is envisioned set to undergo a major transformation over the next four decades. If plans push through, the suburb could be an alternative CBD for the city, but the ambitious project depends on one crucial prerequisite.

Suburban Futures, an independent think tank dedicated to suburban renewal, growth, and improvement, has unveiled an ambitious vision for Chermside. 

The plan encompasses increased local job opportunities, enhanced streetscapes, reduced traffic congestion, improved public transportation, a boost in pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and better connections to social amenities. However, the cornerstone of this vision hinges on the construction of a Gympie Road bypass tunnel.

The projected Gympie Road redevelopment has been compared to the 2001 Nundah bypass tunnel project by Ross Elliott, co-founder of Suburban Futures. Along with reducing traffic congestion, the Nundah bypass oversaw a remarkable 30% increase in local employment over a 20-year period. 

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Suburban Futures aims to have Chermside replicate this model, as they estimate a potential increase in employment opportunities from 16,000 to 40,000, all supported by improved social infrastructure and recreational facilities.

Mr Elliot underscored the importance of bringing the proposed Gympie Road bypass tunnel to fruition and its possible impact on Chermside‚Äôs labour market. According to the concept, Chermside would develop into a scaled-down counterpart of Sydney’s Parramatta, which may accommodate more than 100,000 jobs and eventually encourage a more decentralised and independent suburban environment.

The vision for Chermside is very promising, however, not everyone is convinced that there will be a sound business case for the proposed road tunnel. Dr. Tony Matthews, an urban planner from Griffith University’s Cities Research Institute, suggests that government subsidies may be necessary to make this proposed project a reality..

You can have your say on the proposed Gympie Road bypass tunnel and their vision for Chermside as Suburban Futures hosts a town hall meeting on 14 September 2023 at Kedron-Wavell Services Club. 

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Published 9-September-2023