Chermside to Gain New Twelve-Storey Residential Tower


A development application has been submitted for a striking twelve-storey residential building on Playfield Street in Chermside.

Photo Credit: DA A006508922

ANA Architects designed an ambitious project, proposing a towering residential development with sixty-two units that promises to redefine urban living in the area. Located adjacent to the bustling Chermside Shopping Centre, this new development will occupy the site currently home to three single dwellings, which are slated for demolition.

Photo Credit: DA A006508922

The proposed building will feature:

  • 62 dwelling units comprising 40 three-bedroom units, 20 four-bedroom units, and 2 luxurious five-bedroom penthouse units.
  • A total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 9,130.4 square metres.
  • Site coverage of 1,435 square metres, accounting for 75% of the total site area.
  • Generous communal open spaces, including a rooftop garden and a health and wellness centre on the ground floor.

In terms of amenities, the development will provide extensive facilities aimed at enhancing the residents’ quality of life. These include a gym, deep planting areas, and significant landscaping totalling 750 square metres, which equates to 39.5% of the site.

Parking will be plentiful, with 162 car parking spaces planned, of which 146 will be designated for residents and 16 for visitors. Additionally, the development will feature 284 bicycle parking spaces, ensuring ample provision for both residents and guests.

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Photo Credit: DA A006508922

The planners at Be Spoke P&D highlight the strategic location of the development, leveraging its proximity to key regional activity centres like Prince Charles Hospital and Chermside Shopping Centre. The area’s rich array of employment, cultural, entertainment, retail, and service opportunities make it an attractive location for this development.

The inclusion of a variety of larger dwelling units—three, four, and five-bedroom options—aims to attract a diverse range of families and individuals. This mix is intended to provide an alternative to traditional detached or semi-detached homes, promoting a low-maintenance lifestyle within high-quality, spacious units.

The development is designed with an emphasis on delivering generous private and communal open spaces, ensuring residents can enjoy both the privacy of their homes and the benefits of shared recreational areas. The rooftop communal space is particularly notable, offering a unique vantage point over the Chermside area.

Published Date 02-July-2024