Chermside: One of the Brisbane Suburbs You Are More Likely to Get a Flat Tyre

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Chermside is one of the suburbs in Brisbane where you are more likely to get a flat tyre, roadside assistance data revealed.

A total of 12,128 flat tyre incidents across Brisbane during the first six months of 2018 have been reported by RACQ Roadside Assistance patrols. The Queensland’s peak motoring body has identified the top five locations where there is a greater risk of encountering a flat tyre, with Eight Mile Plains claiming the top spot.

Regardless of your location, however, preventing this incident from happening in the first place could save you from the hassles and dangers arising from attempting to change the tyre yourself.

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“Getting a flat tyre can be dangerous if you’re stopped on a busy road,” RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said.

“While we’ll be there to come to your rescue when you need us, it’s always better to try to prevent the issue from occurring in the first place.”

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“Drivers should regularly check their tyres’ condition and pressure – that way they’ll have the best chance to avoid getting a flat,” she said.

“Look out for signs of wear and tear or damage to your tyres, foreign objects such as screws or nails in the tread, any regular drops in tyre pressure or unusual vibrations in your car. If any of these occur then you should see a tyre dealer as soon as possible,” concludes Ms Clinton.

Top five suburbs for flat tyres in Brisbane for the period 1 January – June 2018:

  • Eight Mile Plains – 159
  • Brisbane CBD – 148
  • Chermside – 147
  • Coorparoo – 144
  • Greenslopes – 143

Major causes of flat tyre include potholes and road debris. As much as possible, when you get a flat on a busy road, do not attempt to change the punctured tyre yourself. Pull over in a safer place and get help from a professional.