Chermside Man Wins Big in National Draw

A Chermside resident is celebrating a windfall of $200,000 after winning in a recent national draw.

The man, who works from home, discovered his good fortune on Thursday, the 4th of April, and was understandably ecstatic.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Officials contacted the winner after the draw, and his reaction was one of pure surprise.

“Wow! That’s fantastic!” he exclaimed. Working remotely proved fortuitous, as he admitted he wouldn’t have been able to contain his excitement in the office.

Sharing his good news with his partner was a priority. He playfully acknowledged her history of good luck, hoping it had finally rubbed off on him.

Plans are already brewing for the newfound wealth. Investment is a key part of the strategy, with the ultimate goal of homeownership. A celebratory dinner, complete with indulging in some luxuries, is also on the agenda.

Published Date 01-May-2024