Chermside Vehicle Theft On The Rise, Police Reminds Locals To Be More Vigilant

Police are alarmed over the increasing number of vehicle thefts in the northern part of Brisbane particularly in Chermside, Fitzgibbon, Nundah and Kalinga.

According to police, the thieves are targeting vehicles that are parked in driveways and secured car parks or carports, as well as those parked on the road. In Chermside, most of the vehicles that were stolen were taken from car park spaces of unit complexes.

The most recent cases that they have encountered showed that most of the vehicles targeted have valuables inside such as cash, laptops, jewellery, Go Cards, GPS units, and many more.

Earlier this month, the Gateway Crime Prevention officers conducted a safe street visit at Burnie Brae Park in Chermside, where they got in touch with the local community about the recent crimes in the area.

The event also gave the police the opportunity to remind the locals to be more vigilant when it comes to vehicle security. They reminded people about not leaving any valuables inside their vehicle and making sure that their cars are locked at all times.

The police is also urging the community to report any suspicious activity in the area. You can contact them at 131 444 or use the online form.