Thrill-Seekers Rejoice: Plans for an Indoor Skydiving Facility in Chermside are Now Underway

A new Indoor Skydiving Facility will soon be landing in Westfield Chermside, if the development application submitted to the Brisbane City Council last July is approved.

The facility, planned as part of Westfield Chermside’s expansion, is designed by Stantec Inc., an international professional services company in the design and consulting industry. iFly is proposed to be housed in a single storey building between the Event Cinemas, Gympie Road, and new Westfield upgrades.


What is iFly?

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iFly started in 1998 as SkyVenture, LLC, a company which was established to develop a technology that will create a stable and safe environment for a realistic skydiving experience. The company’s indoor skydiving facilities use a technology that simulates the free-fall experience of sky-diving through use of a vertical wind tunnel and a flight chamber.

Their first indoor skydiving facility was opened in 1999 at Orlando, Florida, USA. In 2005, SkyVenture was rebranded as iFly. Different facilities were built throughout USA. The company has since expanded to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Over 5.5 million people have already tried iFly’s Indoor Skydiving facilities worldwide.

Source: iFly Downunder/Youtube


iFly Australia

The first indoor skydiving centres in Australia opened in Sydney, Gold Coast, and Perth. iFly Australia is owned and operated by a team of passionate Australian fliers. The three Aussie facilities are subsidiaries of the publicly listed Indoor Skydive Australia Group, a company formed to handle the network of skydiving centres in Australia.

Indoor Skydiving in Australia is now a part of an exciting, new sports trend. iFly Australia has just launched their “Be A Superhero” campaign, which aims to encourage children aged 3-15 years to fly. The school holds holiday classes to teach basic flying to children.

Source: iFly Downunder/Youtube


The Proposed Facility in Chermside

Photo credit: DA Ref. No. A004699391, Brisbane City Council

Thirty established car spaces will be demolished as part of the plan to make way for a new building and mechanical yard at the proposed iFly facility in Westfield Chermside.

To make sure that the surroundings blend harmoniously with the existing environment and to enhance traffic and frontage requirements, landscaping plans along the pedestrian frontage and the footpath on the Gympie Road were accomplished by Urbis Pty. Ltd., a public policy evaluation and consultation firm.

The development details submitted to Council also include a glass wind tunnel for skydiving, a viewing area, preparation classrooms, party rooms, and reception and amenities areas for visitors.

Photo credit: DA Ref. No. A004699391, Brisbane City Council

Chermside daredevils now have one more item to add to their bucket lists as they keep their fingers crossed on the outcome of the DA for the facility. Visit iFly Australia’s website to be updated with their other future developments and programs.