The Sporting Globe’s Chermside Success Spurs $10-M Investment in QLD

The Sporting Globe is preparing to invest $10 million into five new Queensland franchises of the hospitality brand, after the recent success of Western Chermside’s outlet. The sports bar and grill had a successful launch last February in Queensland and is doing very well at its impressive location.

James Sinclair, owner of the said business, shares: “On our third day we had the Super Bowl, and with very little publicity, we were fully booked out with over 400 people at 9 am on a Monday.’’ After spending over $2 million on The Sporting Globe Chermside, Mr. Sinclair is keen on securing more sites in South Brisbane and in the Gold Coast area.

The Sporting Globe in Australia

The hospitality chain was originally founded in Geelong, a city in Victoria. Founders James Sinclair and Brad Harris started the business in 2010. It experienced massive growth in a span of 12 months. Two new venues and annual earnings of $15-20 million were among its early achievements.

Its first Australian franchise opened in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond in 2014, the fourth company-owned venue, after Geelong, Moonee Ponds, and Fountain Gate.

A second franchise at Watergardens in Northern Melbourne opened last October. From then on, several new venues in Werribee and other nearby areas are being set for construction.

The Company’s Assets: Its People

James Sinclair opted for a franchise business, rather than a company-owned brand to be able to secure the company’s most important asset: its people. Motivating this group to do their job well is what the business values the most. Sinclair believes that this method will help build a strong business model, thus creating high-quality franchisees.

The Sporting Globe in Chermside currently employs 40 people. More job opportunities through five more establishments in Queensland are expected within the next three years. The sports bar and grill concept has filled a gap in the marketplace, given a strong Australian following of Australian and US sporting events.

Photo Credit: The Sporting Globe Chermside/Facebook