Catch the last Boudoir Bazaar Fashion Market for 2017 in Chermside

The final Boudoir Bazaar Fashion Market for this year happens on Sunday, the 3rd of December from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Chermside Bowls Club. Entry is $2 per person and children are free.

Credit: Boudoir Bazaar Fashion Market Facebook

The Boudoir Bazaar Fashion Market has always been known for its massive offering of pre-loved designer clothes, shoes, bags, and other fashion apparels. Fashion lovers have always flocked at the bazaar to snatch vintage pieces at an average of 50% reduction compared to their original prices. Shoppers can choose from high-end brands such as the likes of Camilla, Sasha Drake, Sass and Bide, Ginger and Smart, Alannah Hill, Saba, Alex Perry, Jason Brunsdon, Zimmermann, Kate Spade, Versace, Mimco, Leona Edmiston, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Ted Baker Bags and many more.

THOUSANDS of new, once worn & pre-loved designer label and vintage fashions in one big air-conned venue.
Credit: Boudoir Bazaar Fashion Market Facebook

While the bigwig brands have always been the “hook” for the bazaar, runners of the Boudoir Bazaar Fashion Market have consistently promoted the environmental benefits of recycling and upcycling. They believe that buying pre-loved items helps save the Earth because it minimises the carbon footprint accumulated when new apparels, bags, and shoes are made in factories.

Elsewhere in the world, pre-loved shopping has always been a movement against what has been termed as “fast-fashion,” where business moguls are creating seasonal designs so they can enjoy continued cash flow within the financial year. “Fast-fashion” has always been attributed to exploitation. Workers from Third World countries, including children, are reportedly being paid minimum but were overworked and were made to work at dilapidated buildings so corporations can save up both on wages and on rentals.

On the flip-side, pre-loved shopping supports the creators of “slow-fashion”, where artists design classic and elegant pieces that although slash a good amount of budget during first purchase, can be worn timelessly – hence, can be re-sold in places like the Boudoir Bazaar Fashion Market.

Those who are new to the concept of pre-loved shopping might initially be concerned about hygiene. Rest assured that runners of legit pre-loved bazaars have always practiced cleanliness. After all, soiled, tattered, and items that are obviously in very poor condition would not be purchased and would give them a bad name.

In the case of the Boudoir Bazaar Fashion Market, it guarantees that everything sold by them is in clean wearable condition. In fact, one of their requirements for those applying as sellers is to make sure that their items are undamaged, hygienic, and remains wearable – “nothing ratty or low quality”.

Chermside Bowls Club is at 468 Rode Road, Chermside. It is an air-conditioned structure with a bar, a restaurant, and ATMs for more convenient shopping experience.