Chermside Retailer Sabo Skirt Adopts TAGR Self-Checkout System, Scraps Queues and Contact

Sabo Skirt, a popular fashion retailer in Westfield Chermside, is changing how consumers shop by adopting a new self-checkout system developed by TAGR that eliminates long queues and contacts at the counter. 

George Kouzoukas, the store’s general manager, said that the self-checkout system has elevated the customers’ experience as they could easily use the technology to browse, scan and tag items they like.

“Our staff have moved away from traditional ‘service counters’ to be available to those customers who require assistance while in store,” Mr Kouzoukas said.  

Checking out to finalise their purchases is convenient as well as customers have various options for paying through their devices. Their purchases are confirmed with an electronic receipt. 

The technology, TAGR, is a homegrown invention that has been in development for 18 months. Customers also do not need to download an app to self-checkout because everything is in a web-based “Scan, Shop and Go” system using a QR code. 

The TAGR team believes that their service will bolster retailers’ services, especially in this new normal. More retailers will be added to the TAGR list of merchants, including Australia’s biggest chain stores, in the coming months. 

Photo Credit: TAGR

Meanwhile, Sabo Skirt started off as a fashion blog in 2010. The following year, its owners launched the store, featuring high-street brands, and soon became one of Australia’s most sought-after retailers. 

In the last five years, Sabo Skirt launched an exclusive label, Sabo Skirt + Sabo Luxe, with a collection showcase at the New York Fashion Week. Across the brand’s social media platforms, Sabo Skirt has a following of over two million fashionistas.