Temporary Bus Stop Relocation to Take Effect to Give Way to Chermside-Aspley Bikeway Construction

The bus stop Gympie Road at Marchant Park, Stop 40, Chermside is temporarily closed until the end of August. Bus routes 335, 338, 680, and P341 will be transferred at Gympie Road near Murphy Road, Stop 39, Aspley.

The closure and re-routing are part of the temporary adjustments being made due to the ongoing North Brisbane Bikeway – Chermside to Aspley project. View the timetable here.


Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The North Brisbane Bikeway – Chermside to Aspley project is a part of the $100 million Better Bikeways 4 Brisbane program. It is a four-year program that aims to extend the Brisbane’s network of bikeways that was launched in 2016.

The bikeway extension on Gympie Road, between Webster Road, Aspley and Murphy Road, Chermside, will complete an important link in the North Brisbane Bikeway. It will also complete a circuit link around the cricket fields at the Marchant Park.

The ongoing construction will include:

  • 875 metre-wide pathway along Gympie Road
  • 15 metre-long path over the drainage line at Marchant Park
  • Linkages off the main shared pathway for bus connections; and
  • Installing overhead LED bikeway lighting.

After the construction, there will be a connected commuter route for people from the Northern suburbs to the Central Business District (CBD). The project will also bring secured connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians and safe off-road link between the existing shared pathways.


Other Impacts of the Construction

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr

Apart from the bus stop relocation in the area, the community can expect to experience other inconveniences, including construction noise, dust, and increased truck movements.

Pedestrians and cyclists around the area will also be affected as there will be temporary access changes between the two bus stops southbound on Gympie Road, near Marchant Park.

For motorists, there will be access changes to some parking areas around Marchant Park. The speed limit may also be reduced for the safety of everyone: motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and workers.


Environmental Offsets

7th Brigade Park, Chermside
(Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Flickr)

The biggest impact of the construction on the environment is the removal of 18 trees from the area, and the relocation of 12 trees from the bikeway, for ensured safety of both cyclists and pedestrians.

The Queensland Environment Offsets Act (QEOA) of 2014 requires infrastructure projects to offset their impacts to the environment through activities such as revegetation and planting. Native trees and shrubs will be planted on Marchant Park and on 7th Brigade Park.

Full details about the North Brisbane Bikeway – Chermside to Aspley can be viewed on the Brisbane City Council’s website.