Local Police Officer Scores Big Community Points in Backyard Soccer Game

A routine patrol run around the neighbourhood took an unexpected turn when a local police officer from Stafford decided to join a group of kids in an impromptu backyard soccer game. 

Capturing the heartwarming moment on camera, mother Jody Lee Hodda filmed Officer Brady Duggan one bright June day as he and his fellow officers paused during a routine patrol to engage with the children.

The officer took to the front yard of the home for a scratch match with six excited youngsters.

Stafford police
Photo Credit: Facebook/Jody Lee Hodda

As the video unfolds, Officer Duggan can be seen throwing himself into the game wholeheartedly, displaying impressive footwork and skills as he kicks, heads, and performs footstalls with the kids’ ball.

With each spirited play, the children excitedly responded, matching play for play.

Mrs Hodda expressed her astonishment and appreciation, stating that her kids were amazed at the police for stopping to play soccer on their travels.

For Mrs Hodda and the children, Officer Duggan’s actions conveyed an important message: that police officers are approachable and not to be feared.

During the game, Mrs Hodda saw that Officer Duggan fostered a sense of connection with each child individually. He even acknowledged the talents of one of the kids, declaring her the best player, and made a promise to join another child’s team in the future. 

Meanwhile, three other officers observed the game from across the street, engaging in conversation while their patrol vehicles were parked nearby.

The video quickly gained attention online, drawing support and admiration from viewers encouraged by the officer’s commitment to fostering a sense of support and community through a simple game of soccer.   

Published 4-July-2023