St Vincent’s Private Hospital to Open Advanced Radiation Centre in Chermside

St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Chermside is set to inaugurate a state-of-the-art radiation therapy centre in collaboration with the Icon Cancer Centre.

For a comprehensive and seamless cancer care experience, the new facility is expected to eliminate the need for patients to seek radiation therapy services elsewhere, underscoring a commitment to providing integrated, high-quality cancer care to the local community.

This groundbreaking initiative comes as a response to the evolving needs of cancer patients, where treatment often involves a combination of therapies ranging from surgery to chemotherapy and radiation. 

Around 50 per cent of all patients diagnosed with cancer require radiation oncology treatment, and until now, they haven’t had access to these services at St Vincent’s Northside.

Icon Cancer Centre’s selection as a partner stems from its reputation in designing and constructing world-class radiation oncology centres and delivering top-tier cancer care. 

Photo Credit: St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside/Google Maps

The new radiation therapy centre will offer a range of advanced treatment options, including Varian’s HyperArc for advanced brain cancer, Surface Guided Radiation Therapy, and tattoo-free advanced radiation therapy. The Varian linear accelerator, capable of delivering 18,000 radiation therapy treatments annually, represents a significant leap forward in treatment technology.

“Many patients going through chemotherapy are quite unwell, and with those patients that also require radiation treatment, it’s extremely beneficial to provide on-site, integrated cancer care,” St Vincent’s Northside medical oncologist, Dr. Rick Abraham, emphasised the positive impact of an on-site radiation facility on patient care.

The collaborative effort promises a multidisciplinary approach, excellent facilities, and robust collaboration to create a service that will make a difference to patients in Brisbane’s northside.

The new radiation therapy centre is expected to commence operations in late 2024.

Aboriginal Artist’s Mural Transforms St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane’s Entrance

Visitors to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane will now be welcomed by a vibrant mural, ‘Original Healer,’ by contemporary Aboriginal artist Xoe Mazzoni.

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This remarkable artwork, a sister mural to the artist’s earlier installation at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside in Chermside, serves as a powerful visual connection between traditional healing practices and western medicine.

Mazzoni, an art student at Griffith University, has skillfully incorporated the healing power of medicinal native flora into Original Healer.

Through her artistic vision, she has beautifully bridged the gap between the hospital’s commitment to high-quality, patient-centred care and the traditional knowledge of Aboriginal healing.

St Vincent's Private Hospital
Photo credit: St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside/Facebook

The mural showcases traditional Aboriginal symbolism, depicting the gathering places surrounding the Brisbane hospital, where people come together and connect. Its purpose is to gently guide visitors to the heart of the hospital, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

St Vincents Private Hospital
Photo credit: St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside/Facebook

The Arts in Health Program, spearheaded by the hospital, received a generous grant from the Queensland State Government in early 2022 to support this extraordinary project. 

The grant aimed to provide an opportunity for the professional development of an emerging Aboriginal artist. Xoe Mazzoni’s talent and dedication have culminated in the completion of both the murals at the two hospitals, enriching the hospital’s spaces and fostering a sense of community and cultural diversity.

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Expressing gratitude for Mazzoni’s contribution, hospital representatives commended her for sharing her cultural and artistic gifts with the St Vincent’s community. 

These captivating murals stand as testaments to the hospital’s commitment to embracing and celebrating Aboriginal culture whilst providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for patients, their families, and staff members.

Published 7-July-2023