Westfield Chermside Welcomes Ella Baché Revival

Facing the looming possibility of closure earlier this year, the fate of Westfield Chermside Ella Baché hung in the balance. That has changed, thanks to beauty enthusiast Jenny Gibson the woman behind the launch of the beauty brand’s largest salon yet, located in Westfield Chermside

Jenny Gibson, renowned for her success in spas across Ipswich, Brookside, and Springfield, stepped in to save the beleaguered salon, breathing new life into the brand.

Ella Baché embodies a tradition steeped in beauty for over 70 illustrious years. Gibson reveres this legacy, fostering a familial environment within the salon. It’s a celebration of diversity, with a team predominantly comprising women from various age groups.

Ella Bache Chermside
Photo Credit: Ella Bache/Facebook

The dynamic businesswoman finds immense delight in witnessing heartwarming connections take place in the salon everyday. Mothers pamper daughters, sisters bond, and friends revel in shared spa experiences. Ella Bache Chermside has transformed into more than a salon—it’s a sanctuary for cherished moments.

Central to Ella Baché Chermside’s ethos is their dedication to providing an unparalleled skincare experience. Education, personalised service, and a touch of emotional support—akin to counselling—are the pillars upon which they’ve built their reputation.

Amidst the allure and rejuvenation, Ms Gibson imparts a crucial skincare tip to all residents: prioritise sun protection. Understanding Queensland’s high skin cancer rates, she emphasises the significance of investing in skincare and advocates for the use of SPF products.

With a team of 38 dedicated Skin Therapists, Gibson is geared to elevate the skincare journey for Chermside’s discerning residents. Ella Baché’s reopening isn’t just about business—it’s a celebration of empowerment, bonding, and the art of skincare.

Residents of Chermside can anticipate not just a beauty salon but an experience crafted to foster happiness and confidence through radiant, healthy skin.

Published 2-December-2023