Grab your cameras! The Selfie Lab Pop-up Installation is Opening in Chermside

Editor’s Note (as of 30 June 2021): Due to the three-day lockdown in South East Queensland, bookings for The Selfie Lab from 30 June to 2 July 2021 will be moved to later dates. Read their updates here and monitor their Facebook page.

Grab your cameras! The Selfie Lab, the latest selfie installation from the Sugar Republic is coming to Chermside.

From the minds behind vibrant and candy-inspired photo taking Instagrammable-site Sugar Republic comes an all-new installation in Chermside dubbed The Selfie Lab — a pop-up experience that will allow Brisbane residents to explore up to 16 themed rooms that make for some exciting scenery for picture-taking (and selfies!). 

Though much of the installation’s finer details are being kept under wraps, people can expect to run into interactive props such as swings and giant teddy bears. Event-goers will be able to explore rooms with themes like the Palm Springs motel, a 1950s diner, and a bedroom with a retro 80s aesthetic. 

Except to see themed rooms similar to the ones in the Sugar Republic’s standard pop-ups.
Photo credit: Facebook/Sugar Republic

Sugar Republic’s previous pop-up installations featured extremely colourful and neon-lit venues with candy-inspired motifs that made for excellent backdrops for people looking to take pictures of themselves, or to simply fill their Instagram feeds with pictures of exciting scenery.

To learn more about the installation, which will open on the 24th of June 2021, visit their website here. Follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on deals, dates, new details, and other special announcements concerning the event. Tickets will go on sale on the 16th of June 2021. 

The Selfie Lab can be found at Westfield, Chermside.