High-Density Housing Planned for Playfield Street in Chermside

Did you know that a high-density residential project could soon rise on Playfield Street, situated just outside Chermside’s major shopping district, near the Chermside Shopping Centre and the Prince Charles Hospital?

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The proposed development at 8-12 Playfield Street calls for demolishing the existing detached housing on the 1,890 square metre site and constructing a 12-level apartment building in its place.

The apartment tower, designed by ANA Architects, would contain a total of 62 dwellings including 40 three-bedroom units, 20 four-bedroom units, and two luxurious five-bedroom penthouses. 

Photo credit: ANA Architects

With a site coverage of 75 percent for the ground floor and 65 percent for the tower levels, the complex provides 151 total parking spaces – 135 for residents and 16 visitor spots.

According to the planning documents, the development aims “to cater for a range of lifestyles (including larger families) and provide apartment living options within proximity to the Chermside Shopping Centre, the Prince Charles Hospital and public transport.” 

The mix of larger three, four and five-bedroom units targets residents accustomed to freestanding homes who desire more spacious apartment living.

Photo credit: ANA Architects

The developer touts the project’s “contemporary layout” with “a well-articulated and visually appealing design” that “responds proactively to the shape of the site, delivering a coherent and functional built form that addresses the primary street frontage appropriately.”

Photo credit: ANA Architects

The planning documents state the development will help “diversify the local workforce in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan” by offering larger units suitable for families. Careful consideration was given to addressing site constraints like overland flow, allowing the design to comply with flood regulations regarding “immunity, safety, hydraulic impacts and resilience.”

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If approved, the 8-12 Playfield Street apartments would introduce a sizable new high-density housing option on the doorstep of Chermside’s major retail and healthcare hubs. The project looks to meet the area’s need for more diverse residential products catering to larger households and multi-generational living.

Published 10-May-2024