New $27-Million Facility at Chermside’s The Prince Charles Hospital to Support Young People with Mental Health Illness

Work has begun on a $27-million mental health facility at The Prince Charles Hospital in Chermside to support young people suffering from mental health issues.

According to the Queensland Government, the new centre is their response to the closure of the Barrett Adolescent Centre. Until its closure in 2014, the Barrett Adolescent Centre was the state’s only youth mental health centre that provided accommodation for patients.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that the project is part of the government’s $68.2-million investment to rebuild and expand mental health services for young people.

“My government is committed to making sure Queensland’s most vulnerable young people have access to highly specialised healthcare services to help them recover and return to their family, friends and communities,” the Premier said.

“We are delivering for young people experiencing mental health issues who were abandoned by the LNP.

“I want to thank the patients of the former Barrett Adolescent Centre and their families, and other young people with a lived experience of mental health services for their invaluable input which will ensure that this facility and its services will be safe and effective.”

The new facility will include 12 beds, a full-time daily school, a common space as well as space for training and classes.

Minister for Health Steven Miles thinks the construction of the new facility ushers in a new era in the treatment of teens aged 13-18 years with severe and complex mental illness.

“The centre will provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation that fully integrates mental health services with educational programs delivered by teachers from the Department of Education.

“It will also provide a structured environment with a focus on improving the overall function of young people to increase their capacity and confidence to successfully transition back to their community.”

The mental health centre is expected to start operation in 2020.