Boutique Hotel Near Prince Charles Hospital Proposed in Chermside

A new short-term boutique hotel with 148 rooms could soon rise in Chermside if Council approves the plan to build an eight-storey facility that could service visitors of the Prince Charles Hospital or nearby retirement villages.

Aside from the hotel, included in the proposal (DA A005563593) are a cafe, gym and pool, function and recreational spaces that will be useful to the community. 

The actual site is on 523 Hamilton Road and 3-5 Zenith Avenue and will knock down three houses to make way for the hotel suites. 

PD Online/Brisbane City Council
PD Online/Brisbane City Council

In behalf of Kedron Barr Pty Ltd, Mewing Planning Consultants said that this is a much-needed development. 

“There are very few short-term accommodation options within Brisbane outside of the inner city area and airport and therefore this development presents the opportunity to broaden the short-term offering in a well-located position in proximity of the Chermside Principal Centre (employment/retail hub), the Prince Charles Hospital/St Vincent’s Private Hospital and other services that may benefit from access to short-term accommodation (i.e. the nearby Wheller Gardens Retirement Village and schools). There is a need for the development, at the yield proposed,” the planning consultants stated. 

The application was lodged in October 2020 and Council has sought additional informational requests and updates to the plans, which downscaled the proposed 173 rooms to 148 and 69 car spaces to 62. The project has enlisted the Cottee Parker to design the building. 

A Council decision on the boutique hotel could be made early this year.

Short-Term Hotel on Hamilton Road, Chermside Proposed

A development application for a short-term hotel on Hamilton Road, Chermside has been lodged.

To be situated at 3-5 Zenith Avenue and 523 Hamilton Road, Chermside, the proposed development will provide short-term hotel accommodation to tourists, travellers, or persons associated with adjacent Prince Charles Hospital and St Vincent’s Private Hospital. 

Designed by Cottee Parker, the development comprises 173 rooms over eight (8) storeys and will provide suites, rather than self-contained units — a first in Chermside. The developers said that there are very few short-term accommodation options within Brisbane outside of the inner city area and Airport. 

“The proposed development will directly advance the outcomes of both the zone and the neighbourhood plan. The intent of the development is to provide short term accommodation for medical professionals / workers, visitors and out patients (who may have ongoing appointments) associated with the adjacent Prince Charles Hospital / St Vincent’s Private Hospital,” the planners at Mewing Planning Consultants said.

Hamilton Road view  – Photo credit: Brisbane City Council //

The building’s design includes a sun shading, window box outcome across the façade, as well as finer grain vertical fins, a vertical green wall within the Zenith Avenue façade, vertical recessed elements and an open framed building cap.

Zenith Avenue view Photo credit: Brisbane City Council //

The 8-storey hotel will also provide ancillary and exclusive guest and administration facilities at the ground level and on the hotel’s rooftop. Facilities will include manager’s office, cafe, function space, pool, gym, and a rooftop seating and breakout spaces. 

There will also be provisions for landscaping, deep planting and open space. Within the front setback and along its side boundaries, deep planting covering a total of 406 sqm will be accommodated.

A total of 75 car spaces located within two (2) basement levels, including three (3) car share spaces, six (6) tandem spaces and two (2) PWD spaces will be provided.

Police Conducting a Free Seminar on Staying safe at Schoolies in Chermside

Schoolies is almost here again. Time for school leavers to have their well-deserved week-long holidays after completing Year 12. Whilst this is a great time for students to have fun and celebrate with their mates, preparing for a safe Schoolies is both the parents and the students’ responsibility.

If you have a student who is attending the Schoolies in 2018 or 2019, North Brisbane Crime Prevention Unit is having a free seminar for parents and students. The seminar aims to help school leavers experience a safe Schoolies.

Event Details

What:  Free seminar on staying safe at Schoolies.
When: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 (7:00 p.m.)
Where: Sky Lounge Kedron Wavell RSL, Hamilton Road, Chermside

Schoolies parents evening at Kedron Wavell RSL – 2017 Photo credit:

Conversations regarding the Schoolies always spark interesting conversations between parents and students. This event is a great venue for discussing personal safety tips for students attending Schoolies. The seminar will also have guest speakers who will provide a wide variety of information and answer any questions.

Bookings are essential due to limited spots. To book or for further information call the North Brisbane District Crime Prevention Unit on 07 3364 3313 or email

Staying Safe at Schoolies

Photo credit: SchooliesGC/Facebook

To make the most of Schoolies, students must learn how to keep themselves as well as their mates safe. Apart from the free seminar from the police, the government has a dedicated site where parents, carers, and leavers can access more information about Schoolies.

Whitsundays Schoolies and Gold Coast Schoolies will be held from Saturday, 17 November to Friday, 23 November 2018.