Healthcare-Focused Development Proposed in Chermside

A development application seeking to establish a nine-storey health, retail and office building in Chermside is currently being assessed. The proposed healthcare-focused development is projected to create a range of employment and activation opportunities.

L&A Maccheron Property lodged the application last November 2022 proposing a healthcare-focused development that will house a medical centre/specialist consulting suites, commercial office and ground floor active retail at 690-706 Gympie Road, 11-15 Wallace Street and 10 Norman Drive, Chermside. 

“The development is of a scale and form that provides a positive contribution to the streetscape and is consistent with the planning intent for development within the Chermside locality. The proposed development presents high quality building design features modulation of the building form, material variation, landscaping at ground, podium and tower levels and balconies oriented to Gympie Road.” – Mewing Planning Consultants

Healthcare-Focused Development Proposed in Chermside
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The subject site sits just a few hundred metres away from Westfield Chermside and is expected to complement the nearby medical services providers, particularly Prince Charles Hospital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Brisbane North Eye Centre. 

Healthcare-Focused Development Proposed in Chermside
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The proposed development will consist of a podium and tower form with an overall height of 9 storeys within the Gympie Road sub-precinct and 5 storeys within the Mixed-Use sub-precinct. Likewise, a podium height of 4 storeys is proposed within the Gympie Road sub-precinct and 3 storeys within the Mixed Use sub-precinct.

It includes ground-level activation with health care and retail spaces along with outdoor dining and landscaping oriented to Gympie Road. There is also a mix of healthcare facilities at levels 4 and 5 and offices at levels 7 and 8. For the purpose of emergency fire egress from the proposed development, the plans also include an access easement over 10 Norman Drive.

Healthcare-Focused Development Proposed in Chermside
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A total of 182 car parking spaces plus 20 motorbike spaces will be provided. The car park design includes ambulance and van bays with provision for on-site servicing (with all vehicle manoeuvres to be undertaken on-site). 

All access including car parking and servicing is obtained from Wallace Street.

Healthcare-Focused Development Proposed in Chermside
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Published 11-January-2023

Months of Disruptions Expected as Northern Transitway Improvements Start

Commuters on Gympie Road from Chermside to Kedron are expected to experience months of disruption as improvements to the safety and capacity of the Northern Transitway start.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) confirmed in a community update released in April 2021 that those main construction activities on the Northern Transitway will take place from May 2021 to early 2023. Most of the construction will be conducted at night, from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. 

Once completed, the project is expected to deliver the following outcome:

  • A dedicated bus lane for buses, both inbound and outbound, along Gympie Road between Kedron and Chermside benefiting over 5,000 people during peak periods each weekday.
  • Travel time savings of up to 6 minutes on some services during peak periods.
  • Higher frequency of services at bus stops within the project corridor, increasing from every 15 minutes to every 5 minutes or better during peak periods.
  • More local residents with greater access to high frequency bus services.
  • Bus stops that are accessible and compliant with disability access requirements.
  • Improved pathways along the alignment for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Removal of unsignalised right-turn movements within the project corridor to improve the safety for all road users.
  • A new set of traffic signals at the intersection of Gympie Road and Boothby Street, including dedicated right-turn lane and U-turn facility, to provide safe access for locals and businesses.

However, local business owners, have opposed the project since the announcement as the loss of on-street parking will impact trading. They are calling on the State Government to monitor the traffic movement as this development might need additional options and work. 

“We held a series of community information sessions last year and received 185 pieces of individual feedback on the proposed Northern Transitway plan,” Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said during the project’s announcement in early 2020. “The main issues raised by the community were the removal of the bus stops and on-street parking.

“The changes mean commuters will still enjoy quicker travel during the high demand peak periods, while Gympie Road businesses will keep on-street parking for their customers for large parts of the day and all day on weekends.” 

Photo Credit: Department of Transport and Main Roads

With work now in progress, TMR issued a statement saying that the project team “will continue to update the community about the Northern Transitway project via distributing notifications to residents, businesses and the community along the project alignment, via email, and updating the web page.” 

For concerns, the public is encouraged to contact the project team at or phone 1800 328 972 during business hours. 

Gympie Road Top Car Crash Hot Spot: Data Revealed

Motorists driving down Gympie Road beware! The said road that runs through Chermside, Aspley, and Kedron ranks as the top car crash hot spot, latest insurance claims data revealed.

RACQ revealed the list of 20 most accident-prone areas based on insurance claims data from 1 January 2015 – 31 October 2018. Many are not surprised with the list, RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said.

“Unfortunately, the top 20 list is made up of a lot of the usual suspects. Gympie Road took out the top three spots, with Mains Road at Sunnybank and Logan Road at Eight Mile Plains rounding out the top five,” Ms Clinton said.

“These roads are typically heavily congested, high volume, multi-lane roads with many intersections and locations for interactions between multiple vehicles,” Ms Clinton said.

“A large portion of the crashes will be rear-end crashes which happen during congestion and at traffic lights and sideswipes and crashes where drivers have failed to give way properly.”

“As always when behind the wheel, but even more so on busy roads, drivers need to avoid distraction, obey traffic signals, give way correctly, travel at a safe following distance and carefully check blind spots and indicate when merging or change lanes,” Ms Clinton concluded.

Here are some road rules for everyday driving according to the Queensland Government website:

Changing Lanes

  • Give way to any vehicle in the lane you are moving into, even if your lane is ending and you have to cross a lane line.
  • Before you change lanes, you must indicate for long enough to give warning to other road users
  • You must turn off your indicator after you have changed lanes or merged.


  • On roads where there are lanes marked on the road—if your lane comes to an end, you must give way to traffic already in the lane you are moving to.
  • On roads where there are no lanes marked on the road—when lines of traffic merge, you must give way to any vehicle that is ahead of you.
Queensland Road Rules – merging

Video Credit: TMRQld/YouTube

Giving way

You need to give way if:

  • the rules say that you must
  • there’s a give way or stop sign
  • there are stop or give way lines on the road
  • you’re turning right across the path of an oncoming vehicle at an intersection
  • you’re turning left or right at a T-intersection
  • you’re moving onto a road from a driveway or land next to a road
  • you’re moving off from being stopped on the side of the road
  • you’re doing a U-turn
  • you’re turning left at an intersection with a ‘left turn on red after stopping’ sign.
Queensland Road Rules – giving way

Video Credit: TMRQld/YouTube

Safe Following Distance

  • Drive at least 2 seconds behind the vehicle in front during ideal conditions.
  • When driving a vehicle towing a trailer or caravan, you should add 1 second extra for each 3m of trailer length.
Queensland Road Rules – safe following distances

Video Credit: TMRQld/YouTube

The top 20 most accident-prone locations in Brisbane:

  • Gympie Road, Chermside
  • Gympie Road, Aspley
  • Gympie Road, Kedron
  • Mains Road, Sunnybank
  • Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains
  • Moggill Road, Indooroopilly
  • Sandgate Road, Clayfield
  • Ipswich Road, Annerley
  • Anzac Avenue, Kippa-Ring
  • Anzac Avenue, Rothwell
  • Sandgate Road, Virginia
  • Milton Road, Milton
  • Pacific Motorway, Greenslopes
  • Logan Road, Mt Gravatt
  • Hamilton Road, Chermside
  • Coronation Drive, Milton
  • Beaudesert Road, Calamvale
  • Ipswich Motorway, Oxley
  • Old Cleveland Road, Carindale
  • Ipswich Motorway, Darra and Gateway Motorway, Nudgee.

Chermside’s Gympie Road Remains to be One of Brisbane’s Worst Accident Hotspots

AAMI, an insurance company, recently released their Crash Index for 2017. Bad news for Chermside residents. Gympie Road still ranks high in Brisbane’s top five worst accident hotspots, ranking in the third spot, following Ipswich Road in Annerley and Mains Road in Sunnybank, which claimed the first and second spots.


Traffic Bottleneck on Gympie Road

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Gympie Road claim to notoriety has been its consistent inclusion in Brisbane’s worst crash hotspots. In fact, it was Brisbane’s worst accident hotspot in 2015. Although now down to third place, Gympie Road clearly remains to be a problem, mostly due to the heavy volume of traffic that passes this major artery.

Photo credit: QLD Traffic

As a major road in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Gympie Road caters to a lot of vehicles travelling between the CBD and the northern suburbs, including the Sunshine Coast. Just this month, Snarl Live Brisbane Traffic Updates recorded multi-vehicular crashes along the Gympie Road. Throughout the year, these multiple crashes often result to multiple fatalities.


Artist’s impression of a multi-transit Gympie Road.
(Photo credit: Brisbane Development)

According to the study conducted by Brisbane Development, Chermside has seen urban densification that attracted people to move in the suburb and propose new dwellings within the Chermside-Kedron area along the Gympie Road. This urbanisation and densification has led to constant gridlocks covering large sections of the road.

Brisbane Development has said that road widening and remarking bus lanes would not address the issue, but a shift of mode of transport can. Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner mentioned that the Brisbane Metro will be expanded to Chermside, and that this should reconfigure Gympie Road from a car-centric road to a multi-transit road, hopefully reducing congestion and the incidence of multiple crashes.

Photo credit: Chermside District

This proposal is not new. In fact, Gympie Road has a dedicated Chermside Line with tramcars running down the road in the 1950s. The line is in between two lanes of traffic with enough space to accommodate vehicles and even rose gardens.


Main Causes of Road Crashes

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Aside from the traffic bottleneck on the Gympie Road, the AAMI Crash Index reveals that 45% of motorists believe that distractions, such as mobile phones, are the common cause of crashes. Despite the dangers of “texting while driving”, a significant number of motorists are still taking the risk. AAMI study shows that 3% of Queenslanders text while driving and 47% engage in conversation with a hands-free kit.

“Concentration is key, especially when travelling in heavy traffic. It’s important to leave enough room between you and the car in front, keep to the speed limit and avoid distractions like mobile phones … Even when used legally, mobile phones can be very distracting for drivers – particularly phone calls. We would urge drivers to limit their use of phones while they’re driving and only operate them when it is absolutely safe to do so,” AAMI Spokesperson Michael Mills said.

Overspeeding and tailgating are also common causes of road crashes. Motorists should be mindful of safe driving behaviour when travelling Gympie Road and any other road. For travellers on Gympie Road, it’s best to be safe, than sorry.