Your Say on the Gympie Arterial Road and Murphy Road Intersection Upgrade Plan

Plans to upgrade the Gympie Arterial Road and Murphy Road intersection, which includes the historic Downfall Creek Bridge built in 1927, are now moving forward.

According to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), approximately 67,000 vehicles passing through the Gympie Arterial Road and Murphy Road intersection on a daily basis so the need for an upgrade has become increasingly evident.

As part of the planning process, TMR is actively seeking feedback from the community regarding the proposed design options. The input from residents, commuters, and local workers will play a vital role in determining the course of action for the upgrade.

The plan aims to tackle the growing issue of congestion at the intersection, enhance traffic flow and safety, and ensure a more reliable transport network for the future. The proposal will not only address the immediate concerns of traffic congestion and safety but will also strengthen the flood resilience of the road network, crucial in this flood-prone area.

As the consultation phase commences, residents and stakeholders are encouraged to participate and share their perspectives on the proposed upgrades, including new bridge structures and intersection improvements. Additionally, TMR is keen on understanding the transport priorities of individuals who live, work, and travel through this area.

Gympie Arterial Road
Photo Credit: TMR

The planning study aims to identify potential bridge and road upgrades that not only address current safety and structural concerns but also cater to the ever-increasing demands of public transport, general traffic, and active transport in the region.

By future-proofing the carriageway, the project aims to create a sustainable and efficient transport system that can cope with the expected growth and demands of the area in the coming years.

Mark Bailey, the Transport and Main Roads Minister, emphasised the significance of community engagement in shaping the final design. 

“The proposed upgrade will not only improve the flood resilience and reliability of the road network, but also address the key issues of traffic congestion and safety, and provide for active and public transport users,” Mr Bailey said

The community consultation period will remain open until 20 Aug 2023. Residents are encouraged to provide their valuable feedback before the submission deadline to ensure their voices are heard in shaping the future of this vital intersection.

Once the consultation process is complete, the community will be informed of the outcomes, and all feedback will be thoroughly considered and collated in the final planning decisions. TMR aims to achieve a comprehensive and community-focused design that addresses the intersection’s challenges while improving the overall transportation experience in the region.

“Feedback on the proposed new bridge structures and intersection upgrade will be used in the business case phase, which is expected to be completed in mid-2024,” Mr Bailey said.

For more information, contact TMR Metropolitan Region on 3066 4338 or

Published 28-July-2023