Plans Lodged for a New Guzman Y Gomez Restaurant on Chermside’s Bustling Gympie Road

Chermside is about to welcome a new addition to its culinary scene, as Guzman Y Gomez sets its sights on opening a restaurant in the suburb soon.

This development comes after initial plans for a Slim’s Quality Burger Restaurant on the same site fell through, making way for a fresh entrant to the thriving fast-food scene. 

Revised Development Plans and Features

The new proposal, DA A006354544, involves a 245-square-metre Guzman Y Gomez building positioned at the rear of the site, alongside a dedicated car park situated on the corner of Gympie Road and Wallace Street. Notably, the drive-through will boast 12 spaces and a waiting bay, while also offering outdoor dining and a loading bay, accompanied by a total of 19 car parking spaces. 

Guzman Y Gomez Chermside
Photo Credit: DA A006354544

The development includes an impressive 676 square metres of landscaped areas, a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to providing a comfortable and appealing dining environment for patrons.

In order to facilitate this proposal, the project calls for the demolition of existing commercial buildings, hardstand areas, and a dwelling on the site.

Guzman Y Gomez Chermside
Photo Credit: DA A006354544

Design and Consistency

Verve Building Design CO is the firm behind the design of the Guzman Y Gomez Restaurant, and the plan is oriented towards the rear of the site. The updated design includes a distinctive GYG facade branding, a layout consistent with the approved building on site, and a building footprint in alignment with the proposed restaurant’s requirements.

The building will have a maximum height of 7.2 meters and will feature a striking 12-meter-high illuminated pylon sign.

The initiation of this project is a part of Guzman Y Gomez’s ambitious scheme to launch nearly 20 new outlets and drive-thrus over the next 18 months in Queensland.

As the chain continues to grow, this new addition in Chermside promises to be a focal point for fast-food enthusiasts and locals alike, enhancing the suburb’s thriving culinary offerings.

Published 23-Oct-2023