Shop Exclusive for Generation Z Opens in Chermside

Whilst other businesses are busy targeting Millennials, a Brisbane mother-and-daughter tandem has another market in mind – Generation Z. They have identified a gap in the market for this generation and has launched their Harper Bee brand for them.

Credit: Harper Bee Facebook

Gen Z, born from 1995 to 2010, are the children of Generation X and the ones who have grown up with the internet. Considered as “digital natives,” Gen Z are distinctly wired to all information around the world.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Gen Z are more cautious and conservative because they are born when there is a technological revolution, war on terror, and global campaign for multiculturalism.

Gen Z may sound like a hard market to capture, but Brisbane mother and daughter Janine Burford and Jessica Wood are certainly willing to try.


Jess and her mum Janine Credit: Harper Bee Website

Harper Bee stores opened in Westfield Chermside and Toowoomba this year.

We celebrate each and every girl’s uniqueness and individuality and are so happy to have them as part of our Harper Bee community! Credit: Harper Bee Facebook

Ms Burford perceives Gen Z as very particular and on-trend. She said that currently, there are no shops that cater to their needs. Realising this opportunity, she and her daughter created products that are no longer babyish but at the same time don’t look like something that mothers would buy for themselves.

Credit: Harper Bee Facebook

Harper Bee has all the stuff that Gen Z will otherwise have difficulty finding from other shops. The store has decorations for the bedrooms and desks, the latest technology, cute jewellery, beauty products, weekend clothing, over night stuff for sleepovers, and gift options for the BFFs.

Credit: Harper Bee Facebook
Credit: Harper Bee Facebook

But the mother-and-daughter tandem does not want to stop there. They are calling on Gen Z and their parents to tell them what else are they looking for. Anyone is welcome to send in their suggestions here.

Harper Bee merchandise can also be purchase online, just click here.