Fun Food Trucks for Serious Foodies at the Chermside Bowls Club

Chermside residents can look forward to a deliciously enjoyable Sunday as Food Truck Collective Brisbane brings back “Food Trucks on the Green” to Chermside this year. Get ready to go to the Chermside Bowls Club on Sunday, the 17th of September, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., and be sure to bring the kids for an afternoon of lawn bowls and a taste of Brisbane’s best food trucks. Entry is free.

Food Truck Collective Brisbane is a group of Brisbane-based food trucks that are working together to organise events and food festivals like the Food Trucks on the Green. There are five food trucks that will be pulling over at the bowls club — King of the Wings, Micasa Food Truck, One World Food Truck, In Strada Wood Fire Pizzeria, and Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van.


King of the Wings

Photo credit: King of the Wings/Facebook

King of the Wings is the first American style chicken wing food truck in Australia. It was dubbed as the “Number One Food Truck in Queensland” in 2016 that represented Australia in the New York Wingfest 2016.

Wing lovers, King of the Wings is serving five unique flavours of crispy wings on half-dozen and dozen order sizes. “Southern Style” is their signature flavour, a crowd favourite which combines original southern spices. They also serve “American BBQ”, a smokey flavour with a bourbon hit; “Bee Sting”, a honey sesame with sweet chilli flavour; and “Chillogy”, a fusion of three Australian chillies.

Follow their Facebook page for updates on their location every week.


Micasa Food Truck

Photo credit: Micasa Food Truck/Facebook

This is a fusion of American and Mexican favourites like burgers, chilli cheese fries, nachos, burritos, and chicken wings. Their menu is always changing to keep up with the international food trends. Their dishes are “Pulp Fiction” inspired, so most of their burgers are named after the characters of that movie.

Check out their Facebook page for their menu and their locations.


One World Food Truck

Photo credit: One World Food Truck/Facebook

One World Food Truck, created by Jason Sierra, focuses on Spanish and Latin fusion meals. To live up to the food truck’s name, they serve an international line-up of dishes, including Italian and some spicy curry dishes. What’s on their menu are unique and usually come with a creative twist. People love their “El Toro Loco Burger”, “Cubano Sandwich”, “Pinchitos”, and “Philly Steak Sandwich”. These are all served on homemade flat breads and buns.

Don’t miss their updates about their location; visit their Facebook page.


In Strada Wood Fire Pizzeria

Photo credit: In Strada Wood Fire Pizzeria/Facebook

Owned and operated by Chef Salvatore, In Strada Wood Fire Pizzeria presents a modern take on the traditional Italian pizza using their Valoriani Italian Wood Fired Oven. Their menu includes classics like Pizza Margherita and Hawaiian Pizza, gourmet pizzas like Gamberi and Marinara, and interesting dessert pizzas like the Nutella Pizza, Banoffee Pizza, and Berrymint Pizza.

Check out their website and Facebook page for their menu and locations.


Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van

Photo credit: Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van/Facebook

Ruby is a vintage UK ice cream van that was originally built in Southampton, England in 1973. It was restored to its original condition but given an upgrade with a new Italian ice cream machine. Most of its other features remain charmingly retro, including its shape, vintage chimes, and retro freezer.

Ruby’s menu includes traditional soft serve cones that have been prepared without trans fat, preservatives, and artificial colours. Gelatos and sorbets are available in a variety of flavours including chocolate, mango, and raspberry. All of their products are dairy-free and suitable for vegans.

Their website and Facebook page are always open for inquiries.

Photo credit: Food Truck Collective Brisbane/Facebook

Don’t forget to bring your family and friends to this food festival. Check out the event page and the Food Truck Collective Brisbane’s Facebook page for some updates about the event.