How To Spice Things Up For An Amazing National Chilli Day

It’s National Chilli Day on Thursday, the 27th of February 2020, and El Camino Cantina in Chermside is turning things up to bring you a spicy good time. Whether you like your spicy food hot or mild, here’s how you can spice things up for the foodie holiday. 

1. Ensure your seat.

Book a table at El Camino Cantina for the 27th to secure your seats. If you’re coming with a group, an advanced reservation online is better so you won’t have problems finding a spot if the place is packed. 

2. Sign up for the games.

At 7:00 p.m. El Camino Cantina will run its hot wings competition. If you’re the ultimate chilli head and you want to win a $50 voucher, then sign up for the games and beat the rest to of the contestants.

Photo Credit: El Camino Cantina/Facebook

3. Order the Wing Roulette.

For National Chilli Day, the Mexican cantina will let you play with your food! Order the Wing Roulette (for 10, 30 to 50 wings) and take a chance. A serving has three levels of hot sauce, including the super extra spicy Facemelter Hot Sauce. From the sound of its name alone, you better be prepared! 

Incidentally, El Camino Cantina will have the Facemelter Hot Sauce available until Sunday, the 1st of March. 

National Chilli Day is celebrated every fourth Thursday of February. This holiday was established in the U.S. to celebrate the state of Texas’ official dish: chili con carne. 

El Camino Cantina is proudly a Tex-Mex inspired restaurant with other outlets in NSW, VIC and QLD. In Chermside, it’s found on the second level of Westfield.

For enquiries or requests, phone the restaurant’s Chermside location at (07) 3053 5632 +61 7 3053 5632. 

Tex-Mex Restaurant El Camino Cantina Coming to Chermside

Get ready for an Austin, Texas-inspired Tex-Mex restaurant that is unabashedly loud, huge, and colourful in every way, as El Camino Cantina opens in Westfield Chermside this October 2019.

After a successful launch of its Bowen Hills venue last 2018, Rockpool Dining Group has announced that it will open a new El Camino Cantina in Chermside. The latest Brisbane expansion takes over the former site of Spanish restaurant, Hermosa and will have 220 casual dining seats.

El Camino Cantina opens in Westfield Chermside
El Camino Cantina Fitzroy
Photo credit: El Camino Cantina / Facebook

El Camino Cantina Chermside will surely live-up to its billing as a fun casual dining venue that please the senses with its bright neon signages, sombreros, loud jukeboxes, elaborate artwork, rock posters, and colourful calavera.

El Camino Cantina opens in Westfield Chermside
Photo credit: El Camino Cantina / Facebook

Of course, El Camino Cantina will not be without its legendary Tex-Mex menu featuring its char-grilled fajitas, quesadillas, naked burritos, cadillac tacos, buffalo wings, and nachos.

El Camino’s signature giant margaritas
Photo credit: El Camino Cantina / Facebook
Photo credit: El Camino Cantina / Facebook

El Camino’s signature giant frozen or on the rocks margaritas top bills the drinks menu with five awesome flavours: classic, mango, strawberry, tropical Red Bull, and rita of the month. There’s also Mexican beers and over a hundred tequilas and mezcals.

El Camino Cantina opens in Westfield Chermside
El Camino Cantina Bowen Hills
Photo credit: El Camino Cantina / Facebook

Plus loads of weekday specials to keep you coming back for more: $15 burrito and beer lunch special every Monday to Friday; $2 tacos every Tuesday; 10-cent chicken wings every Wednesday with the purchase of every a large soft drink, classic margarita, beer or wine; and half-price fajitas on Thursdays.

The El Camino Cantina Chermside is Rockpool Dining Group’s second outlet in Brisbane, after King Street, and the sixth nationwide.