Crime Prevention Week Is In Full Swing

Crime Prevention Week, organised by District Crime Prevention Coordinators, is in full swing from November 6 to 12. This initiative offers practical tools to boost community safety and security.

police and bunnings staff in car park for Crime Prevention Week
Photo Credit: myPolice Brisbane North

On Wednesday, November 8, Virginia Bunnings hosted a collaborative event by the Gateway and Inner West Crime Prevention Offices. The ‘Turn the Screws on Crime’ initiative involved fitting anti-theft number plate screws to vehicles. These unique screws can only be removed by police, providing an added layer of security against registration plate theft.

police officer fitting one-way screws to vehicle for Crime Prevention Week
Photo Credit: myPolice Brisbane North

Simultaneously, Carseldine Bunnings saw the presence of Gateway Crime Prevention and the local Neighbourhood Watch group for a ‘Coffee with a Cop’ event. Attendees engaged with law enforcement officers, gaining insights into home security and safety measures.

Police officer with Neighbourhood Watch representative for Crime Prevention Week
Photo Credit: myPolice Brisbane North

Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant throughout the week as Crime Prevention officers continue to visit various Bunnings locations. These events serve as an opportunity for the community to actively participate in crime prevention and stay informed about safety measures.

The ‘Turn the Screws on Crime’ initiative underscores the commitment of law enforcement to collaborate with the public in fostering a safer environment. Chermside residents are reminded that community safety is a shared responsibility, and these events provide practical steps towards achieving that goal.

By securing registration plates with anti-theft screws, vehicle owners can significantly reduce the risk of plate theft, contributing to the broader effort to combat crime in the local area.

Published 9-November-2023