High-Density Housing Planned for Playfield Street in Chermside

Did you know that a high-density residential project could soon rise on Playfield Street, situated just outside Chermside’s major shopping district, near the Chermside Shopping Centre and the Prince Charles Hospital?

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The proposed development at 8-12 Playfield Street calls for demolishing the existing detached housing on the 1,890 square metre site and constructing a 12-level apartment building in its place.

The apartment tower, designed by ANA Architects, would contain a total of 62 dwellings including 40 three-bedroom units, 20 four-bedroom units, and two luxurious five-bedroom penthouses. 

Photo credit: ANA Architects

With a site coverage of 75 percent for the ground floor and 65 percent for the tower levels, the complex provides 151 total parking spaces – 135 for residents and 16 visitor spots.

According to the planning documents, the development aims “to cater for a range of lifestyles (including larger families) and provide apartment living options within proximity to the Chermside Shopping Centre, the Prince Charles Hospital and public transport.” 

The mix of larger three, four and five-bedroom units targets residents accustomed to freestanding homes who desire more spacious apartment living.

Photo credit: ANA Architects

The developer touts the project’s “contemporary layout” with “a well-articulated and visually appealing design” that “responds proactively to the shape of the site, delivering a coherent and functional built form that addresses the primary street frontage appropriately.”

Photo credit: ANA Architects

The planning documents state the development will help “diversify the local workforce in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan” by offering larger units suitable for families. Careful consideration was given to addressing site constraints like overland flow, allowing the design to comply with flood regulations regarding “immunity, safety, hydraulic impacts and resilience.”

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If approved, the 8-12 Playfield Street apartments would introduce a sizable new high-density housing option on the doorstep of Chermside’s major retail and healthcare hubs. The project looks to meet the area’s need for more diverse residential products catering to larger households and multi-generational living.

Published 10-May-2024

Major Residential Project Proposed for Kelso Street

A 10-storey development featuring 226 residential units has been proposed for Kelso Street in Chermside.

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The plans, designed by architectural firm Telha Clarke, would see the current single-storey dwellings at 10-18 Kelso Street demolished to make way for the large-scale housing project.

The proposed development would have a total gross floor area of 21,567 sqm, with 12,338 sqm dedicated to residential spaces. 

Photo credit: Telha Clarke 

It would feature a mix of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments, including 60 studios, 107 one-bedrooms, 56 two-bedrooms and 3 three-bedrooms.

The design incorporates a number of amenities for residents, including 813 sqm of communal space spread throughout the floors. There would also be 296 sqm of deep planting or green space, meeting the 10 percent site coverage requirement.

Photo credit: Nearmap

Parking and transportation provisions have been made with 167 car parking spaces and 284 secured bicycle spaces. Vehicle access would be from a new crossover on Kelso Street, while separate pedestrian access would lead to the main lobby.

According to planning documents, the building has been designed to appear as two separate forms with strategic breaks along the facade and recessed balconies to reduce visual bulk. A central spine would connect the two sides of the development and would be significantly set back from the street.

Photo credit: Telha Clarke

“The site provides a great opportunity for Brisbane, as a growing World City, to advocate housing quality in medium and high-density apartment living in the form of a 10-storey purpose built build to rent residential development,” said planners about the development.

“Furthermore, due to much-needed housing supply, the proposal will deliver an alternate housing product (of an appropriate scale) in a location with great access to jobs, services, amenities, public transport, critical care lightweight appearance and highlight the balconies.”

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The development application is currently under assessment by Brisbane City Council. If approved, it would mark a major increase in housing density for the area.

Published 26-February-2024 

Chermside: Plans Drawn For Three New Kittyhawk Drive Residential Towers

A development application for the creation of three new residential buildings on Kittyhawk Drive in Chermside has been lodged with Brisbane City Council.

The proposal, designed by Brisbane-based developer Gardener Vaughan Group, aims to create a total of 117 medium-density units that will be split into three residential towers. Each building will have a maximum height of 12 storeys over three stages, sporting a design that is consistent and in line with the rest of the residential towers in the precinct. 

Photo credit: Brisbane CityCouncil/Development.i

Comprising the building’s ground floor are two 280sqm tenancies, three building lobbies, 25 car parks, landscaping, a pedestrian plaza and accompanying pathways, and landscaping. This level will connect all three towers together. 

Stage 1 will house 38 units, stage 2 will house 39 units, and stage 3 will house 40 units. With 117 units total, there will be five one-bedroom apartments, 32 two-bedroom apartments, 71 three-bedroom apartments, and nine four-bedroom apartments. 

Photo credit: Brisbane CityCouncil/Development.i

Articulated facades, open balconies and recessed walls will provide the building with natural lighting and shade. Walls will be designed in a way that incorporates splays and steps fashioned from a variety of materials — the architecture intending to complement existing developments in the area while enriching the landscape and streetscape character of Kittyhawk Drive. 

Photo credit: Brisbane CityCouncil/Development.i

All in all, the proposal will provide 279 parking spaces for automobiles in the ground floor and basement of the towers — 235 of which will be reserved for residents, 30 for visitors, and 14 for commercial use. The site will cover 15,745sqm of gross floor area, with a 1,919sqm cover of the 3,884sqm development site.

The site of the development application can be found at 75-81 Kittyhawk Drive, Chermside. Those interested in learning more about the proposed residential buildings can read about them through this council reference: A005707662