Medical Centre Proposed in Chermside to Meet Demand in Area

Construction company Cornerstone Building Developments is seeking approval for a three-storey medical centre with supporting retail uses at 425 Rode Road and 621 Gympie Road in Chermside.

The applicant is seeking to establish an integrated health service on the site which may include general medical practice, pathology and chemistry. It will also have a food and drink outlet for both staff and patients.

The subject site has an area of 2,663 sqm which will be reduced to approximately 2550 sqm, to allow the construction of Council’s possible future bikeway along Rode Road.

Plans rendered by Aspect shows the “Chermside Health Hub” has been designed to provide a considered interface to adjoining residential properties. The subject site currently houses a used car dealership and three-storey residential apartment buildings to the north and east of the site. 

The proposal is also seeking a total of 179 car park spaces. Car parking is provided across three basement levels, with a vehicle crossover to be provided towards the site’s eastern boundary on Rode Road in order to provide adequate sight distances and to avoid the disruption of Gympie Road’s arterial function. 

Extensive research by the applicant reveals that the current utilisation of healthcare services in the community indicates there is a current demand for day hospital beds. The report also noted that there is long term demand for multiple new and expanding day hospital services to be located in the area. 

“The site provides an opportunity to enhance the health and medical service provision to an area where existing health care services are lacking in both quality and quantity. The site meets all of the requisite needs identified by CBD,” RPS Group reported on behalf of the applicant.

Cornerstone is behind some health and medical centres across Australia, including North Lakes Specialist Medical Centre, Mackay Specialist Medical Centre and Canberra Specialist Medical Centre.

If approved, the General Practice and Pharmacy will operate from 6:00 am – 10:00 pm. All other uses would have conventional daytime hours. For full details about the proposed medical and health centre, see Council Reference A005364844.