Have A Smooth Chermside Kerbside Collection 2018 Through An App

In just a few days, Chermside Kerbside Collection 2018 will be here and you have probably started to put some stuff out by the kerb. To make things so much easier for you before 3 September arrives, you can download the Brisbane bin and recycling app.

The award-winning app is available for Android and iOS users. The application includes a calendar that will notify you with reminders of when the bin will be collected. It will also help residents find more information on how to recycle and dispose items properly.

There are also general information on bin collections, waste facilities, maps and directions on the app.

The app was developed by the Brisbane City Council to provide better recycling solutions and help residents make decisions. It is also part of the council’s plan to work together for a clean and green city.

You can download the app here:

App Store
Google Play
Microsoft App Store

Other guidelines that you have to keep in mind to ensure a smooth Chermside Kerbside Collection 2018:

  • Keep your stuff by the kerb tidy
  • Doors from household items must be removed
  • No sharp or dangerous objects
  • Piles should not be larger than two cubic metres
  • All items must be properly secured
  • Items must be easily lifted by two people

You can also view the acceptable and unacceptable items here.

So, keep it neat and clean!