Burringbar Park Hockey Facility in Chermside Enhanced With New Amenities

Have you visited Burringbar Park in Chermside lately? The hockey facility has been enhanced with new amenities to benefit the players, the parents, and the spectators.

These improvements include new female-friendly changing rooms and showers for the hockey club members, as well as a special room for the parents and some public conveniences for the visitors who come to watch the games. 

Member for Stafford Jimmy Sullivan said that the new changing rooms are a welcome addition to the growth and support for hockey in Brisbane’s north.

“We know quality, female-friendly change facilities like this are critical to encouraging more girls and women to get involved in sport, stick with it, and stay active for our community’s Covid-19 recovery,” Mr Sullivan said

“The hockey clubs who call Burringbar Park home have an exciting future ahead of them.”

Mr Sullivan was able to secure $495,000 for the Burringbar Park Hockey Facility improvements under the state’s Covid-19 Economic Recovery Plan, whilst the additional amenities for a second playing field were delivered through the Active Community Infrastructure Fund.

Sport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe, Member for Stafford Jimmy Sullivan and Redcliffe Dolphin players at Burringbar Park Hockey
Photo Credit: Supplied

“It means both playing fields have their own change rooms and showers, so players won’t need to wait around to get cleaned up and changed after a game,” Sports Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said.

The improvements are also in line with the Activate! Queensland strategy to support talented and sports-minded young people who could potentially shine in the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Burringbar Park is under the Brisbane Hockey Management Group consisting of the Brisbane Hockey Association Inc, the Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association Inc, and Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club Inc.

“Having this second block will be a huge benefit to Brisbane hockey players and their supporters and will mean we will also be able to extend our competition opportunities,” the club’s president Greg Swann said. 

Plans for New Synthetic Hockey Pitch in the Burringbar Park Facility in Chermside Lodged

A new synthetic hockey pitch in the Burringbar Park Facility at the Kedron Wavell Hockey Club, at 21 Kittyhawk Drive, is the subject of a development application lodged by John Giles Associates, a company of architects, planners, and interior designers, in behalf of the Brisbane Hockey Management Group (BHMG). BHMG is an initiative of the Brisbane Hockey Association and Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club to manage the Burringbar Park site.


Proposed Plans

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004691193, Brisbane City Council

John Giles Associates’ proposed plans seek to install another “hybrid” synthetic surface hockey pitch on the northern eastern section of the site that will complement the existing synthetic surface pitch. It will be constructed in accordance to the Chermside Centre Neighbourhood Plan (Community Use and Sports Precinct). The new synthetic facility does not require any irrigation system.


Synthetic Facility

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004691193, Brisbane City Council

Hockey was traditionally played on natural turf. However, synthetic pitches were made mandatory for major competitions in 1976. The development in the Burringbar Park complies with the standards of the International Hockey Federation (FIH). FIH is the international governing body of the sports of hockey that is responsible for the major international tournaments, such as the World Cup.

Due to the changing nature of hockey, there is a greater demand for this modern facility. The construction of an additional synthetic surface hockey pitch is foreseen to ease the demand of this kind of facility across regional Brisbane.

The application stated that the synthetic facility will help in the continued development of the skills of the teams. Upon completion, the development will be utilised for hockey training, matches, and competitions across Brisbane.


Several Upgrades

Photo credit: D.A. No. A004691193, Brisbane City Council

Although the existing Clubhouse and other hockey pitches will be left untouched, several upgrades and improvements are included in the plan. The existing security fence will be extended and the pitch surround will be improved on the internal kerb and gates. Concrete pathway pitch surrounds will also be constructed.

For better trainings and matches, ball stop nets, open technical and team bench, and electronic scoreboards are included in the field improvements.

Photo credit: www.kwhockey.com

The development application is still waiting for BCC’s approval. The community can still lodge their submissions on the BCC PD Online page.