Brisbane Bird Vet Does Feather Transplants in Chermside

Did you know that Brisbane Bird Vet does feather ‘transplants’ for impaired birds relearning to fly? Dr Adrian Gallagher likens the procedure to people getting hair extensions or fake nails. He even has a feather bank at his Chermside clinic to support his transplant work.

According to Dr Gallagher, a feather transplant is a much-needed intervention for native birds that have been injured or have incurred trauma on their wings. The procedure, known as “imping,” allows the birds to fly quicker, especially if they have to be returned to the wild.

Brisbane Bird Vet, located at the corner of Hamilton Rd and Pfingst Rd, is also a feather bank for the doctor’s transplant needs. He uses donor feathers to glue the clipped wings with medical-grade materials. However, Dr Gallagher said that sourcing donor feathers have its many challenges as well because there are not enough sources for matching feathers. 

Whilst he has worked on native birds, the veterinarian has also done transplants on a pet or domesticated bird as some owners still ascribe to the practice of clipping wings to prevent a bird’s escape. However, wing clipping or trimming often raises the chances of the birds falling and hurting themselves.  

Dr Gallagher has also treated pet birds that have experienced mutilation by their owners who have gone too far. Unfortunately, the  Animal Care and Protection Act in Queensland lacks the stipulations that would address this distressing problem. 

The veterinarian advises pet bird owners who still believe in wing clipping or trimming to do a proper consultation with the experts before they hurt their pets. It needs to be done in a safe and proper way.