All Stars to Showcase Asian Songs at Chermside Library

For six years now, Brisbane has been celebrating the BrisAsia Festival, a celebration of traditional and contemporary Asian arts and cultural events. The event features the finest dances, theatres, music, food, films, talks, and visual arts in celebration of the Asian cultures in Brisbane.

Credit: All Stars Band Facebook

The festival is held over three weeks, usually from 10th of February to 4th March. As many as 80 events are being held across the city for the festival.

For the last leg of the BrisAsia Festival 2018, the South Bank All Stars will be performing at the Chermside Library on the 3rd of March from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The group will be performing Asian songs, including songs from China, Indonesia, Japan, Tibet, Korea, and Thailand.

The All Stars is a band comprised of TAFE (Technical and Further Education) migrant and refugee students. They will be presenting Asian songs accompanied by Asian traditional instruments.

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