Chermside Health Hub Secures Approval to Add More Space

Chermside Health Hub has received the green light on its plan to increase floor space and add car parking spaces to its proposed health centre on Gympie Road.

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The site is on one of the busiest inner north intersections, the corner of Gympie and Rode Roads. It’s currently occupied by a car yard, which will be removed to facilitate the development. The former car yard was once the site of Brisbane’s iconic ‘big boot,’ which had served as a landmark in Chermside for over 40 years.

Chermside Health Hub floor plan
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council 

A project of the Cornerstone Group, Chermside Health Hub is a three-storey integrated health centre which will include retail premises and a cafe. The original plan was to have 4,850 sqm of healthcare services and 220 sqm of retail space but the developer has amended its plan to add an extra level for health care uses, taking the total floor area to 5,705 sqm. 

Chermside integrated health centre
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council 

From a proposal of 153 car parking spaces and five motorcycle spaces across three basement levels, Cornerstone has also requested for an additional 28 spaces of on-site parking, bringing the total of car parks for 186 vehicles, with a boom gate to cordon off parking for doctors.

Rode Rd frontage
Rode Rd frontage (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

The medical centre, now in its construction phase with plans to open in 2022, will be the 23rd centre within a 4-km radius of the site. Whilst there are a number of health centres nearby, a feasibility assessment indicated that there is stilla need for primary, allied, and specialist health services in the area.

“The site provides an opportunity to enhance the health and medical service provision to an area where existing health care services are lacking in both quality and quantity,” RPS Group reported on behalf of the applicant. For more details about the application, see A005704000.