Attention, Bee Lovers! Pollinator Garden on Corrie Street

Did you know that a pop-up pollinator park containing temporary raised garden beds and bee-attracting plants has been installed in Corrie Street in Chermside?

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A pollinator garden is one that attracts bees, butterflies, and other insects to transfer pollen. Through pollination, many plants are able to produce fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and oils which are an important part of the food we eat. 

The project is part of Council’s BNE Local and Liveable program, which aims to create liveable places with vibrant neighbourhood centres for the local community and visitors to enjoy.

Aside from a pollinator garden, Brisbane City Council will install modular streetscape seating and subtropical container planting in the area.

Locals can also expect painted patterns on traffic islands and a round plane design to footpath as part of street patterning to improve visibility and identity along Corrie St.

“The idea behind this wonderful beautification is to provide greenspace for people, wildlife and diversity, creating comfortable human experiences and offering an inclusive sense of place,” said Councillor Fiona Hammond.

corrie st pollinator garden
Photo credit: Cr Fionna Hammond/Facebook

Corrie St has been identified as one of the locations of the BNE Local and Liveable program in its second year in 2022. At present, a pop-up plaza outside the Stones Corner Library is also being planned as part of the program.

Projects for the BNE Local and Liveable program are experimental, where the goal is to learn what works, what creates value and what the follow up actions. They can also be temporary or semi-permanent, adaptable, moveable and/or reversible.

Locals can recommend a location for the program by contacting Council or writing to the BNE local project team. Further details can be viewed via Council’s website.