Chermside Shoppers: Take Care And Be Calm When Parking At Shopping Centres, Suggests Report

Chermside holiday shoppers, take note. It pays to stay calm and extra careful when parking at shopping centres such as Westfield Chermside, advises the State’s peak motoring body, RACQ. So, don’t let any untoward incident at the carpark ruin all the fun in shopping, especially during the summer holidays.

November to December are the months with the most number of theft, vandalism and crash incidents happening in shopping centre car parks, according to insurance claims data gathered by RACQ. In the past three years, insurance claims from shopping centres have cost more than $72 million.

“Crashes and scrapes are common in shopping centre car parks year-round, but our data shows December and November are by far the worst months as people try to finalise their Christmas shopping, or just escape the heat,” RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross said.

Among the five shopping centres with most insurance claims, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre topped the list with 349 total claims over the past three years, from 1 November 2015 to 31 October 2018.

Westfield Chermside and Westfield Carindale came in second and third, respectively.

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It is important, therefore, to reduce the risk of getting involved in theft or vehicle damage when in carparks which, Ms Ross said, can be done by doing a few simple things.

“With an expected influx of Christmas shoppers over the coming weeks we’re urging drivers to exercise simple courtesy and always obey carpark signage and normal road rules,” Ms Ross said.

“It’s important for people to take the time to completely secure their vehicles and make sure there are no bags or other valuables left in sight to tempt passing thieves.

“Treat your keys like cash, always keeping them in a safe, secure place on you when you’re out and about,” she said.

Top five shopping centres for insurance claims (1 November 2015 – 31 October 2018):

  • Indooroopilly Shopping Centre – 349 claims
  • Westfield Chermside – 342 claims
  • Westfield Carindale – 335 claims
  • Westfield Garden City – 261 claims
  • Sunnybank Plaza – 181 claims