New Affordable Homes for Vulnerable and Low-Income Households Planned for Chermside

Brisbane City Council has received a development application for a multiple dwelling on a 4,158-sqm site at 1004 Gympie Rd in Chermside.

Lodged by The Salvation Army (Queensland) Property Trust, the proposal is seeking to build a three-storey residential building with 21 two-bedroom units and five three-bedroom units.

The development aims to provide housing choice for vulnerable and low-income households who are transitioning out of crisis accommodation services offered by The Salvation Army.

If approved, the applicant will include 1,427 sqm of communal open space at the ground level that will have a sports area, turfed lawn, and a variety of informal seating.

Prepared by DC8 Studio, the architectural design showed the central communal meeting spaces will be connected to outdoor space to provide added amenity and space for families in addition to their private home and balcony.

It will include an undercroft level for 20 car park spaces, with 16 of the car park spaces allotted for the residents and the rest for the visitors.

1004 Gympie Rd, Chermside (Photo credit: Google Street View)

The proposed three storeys exceeded the building height expectations in Gympie Road, as the subject site is located in a low-density residential zone where dwellings are predominantly one or two storeys in height.

TSA believes the additional height and density are required to maximise the amount of housing choice they offer to vulnerable persons.

The proposal has not received any public submissions yet but the applicant needs to provide further details regarding the DA based on the initial review carried out by BCC.

To know more about this proposed residential building, see Full DA- A005168702.